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High Plains Farm, LLC.

A little history on High Plains Farm

Hi, I'm Misty. The co-founder of High Plains Farm. Our farm is located in Beulah along the very fertile Saint Charles River. We are fortunate to farm this rich, nutrient dense land that has been in our family for several generations. Our farming practices include adding in organic compost & green manure and if pests become an issue we use neem oil, baking soda & employ many lady bugs. In other words we use organinc farming methods to grow our produce.

My youngest son helped me plant garlic this Fall.

Clark & I (mostly I) planted 10,000 garlic cloves. My husband and I are at least fifth generation farmers, ranchers & agricultural related family history. I am a very dedicated farmer and believe in giving back to my family & community. It seems our children may carry on the tradition. 

Producing wholesome good quality nutrient dense food using organic methods is our mission. It is of up most importance to us that we provide our friends, family & community with real NATURAL food. Yes it is more work, but the benefits speak for themselves. I have a deep commitment to these farming methods and the community because I lost my to cancer when I was a young lady. 

Happy to help.

This Online Winter Farmers Market is our way of connecting community with local farmers, ranchers & vendors who also have the same ethical pricatices and believe in providing the community with "real" food. Year around. Visit our website for more information and for contact information.


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