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Peanut & other Nut Butters

.Fresh Peanut Butter, Almond & Cashew nut butters made from scratch and so delicious! We are dedicated to providing our community with real wholesome food. For market schedules go to "more information" & select your market. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIGNS TO KNOW WHAT IS AVAILABLE AT YOUR MARKET: 🍅 Canon City * 🍏 Beulah Valley *🍊 Black Forest Emerge * 🍇 Black Forest Meadery * 🍉 Westcliffe Wellness Center

Peanut Paradise 🍅 🍏 🍊

Real. It's what peanut butter should taste like.

Cashew Bliss 🍅 🍏 🍊

Who knew something healthy could taste that good?

Pecan Honey Pint 🍅 🍏 🍉

It’s like a pecan pie in a jar except made with pure honey and pecans! Use on ice cream with a drizzle of bourbon, on...

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