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Jerky & Summer Sausage

Fresh delicious Jerky, Beef Sticks & Summer Sausage. We are dedicated to providing our community with real wholesome food. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIGNS TO KNOW WHAT IS AVAILABLE AT YOUR MARKET: 🍅 Canon City * 🍏 Beulah Valley *🍊 Black Forest Emerge * 🍇 Black Forest Meadery * 🍉 Westcliffe Wellness Center

Hot Sticks 🍅 🍏 🍊

An addictive flavor. It’s our biggest seller!

1.5 oz Jalapeno Beef Jerky 🍅 🍏

Our hottest product - packed with plenty of jalapeno flavor!

Original Beef Stick 🍅 🍏

1.33 oz beef stick - Great smoked beef flavor - the Original!

Spicy Beef Stick 🍅 🍏

1.33 oz spicy beef stick - red chile flakes giving this one its flavor and a bit of kick!

Jalapeno Beef Stick 🍅 🍏

1.33 oz jalapeno beef stick. If you like jalapeno and some heat - you will love this beef stick!

12 oz beef summer sausage 🍅 🍏

Handcrafted premium summer sausage - 100% local beef!

12 oz jalapeno cheese summer sausage 🍅 🍏

100% local beef with jalapeno and cheese to spice things up!

12 oz spicy beef summer sausage 🍅 🍏

Unique summer sausage flavor on this one - red chile flakes spicing it up!

Beef Jerky 🍅 🍏

A delicious quick snack, our jerky has just the right amount of spice. Each package is 4 to 5 ounces. Ingredients:...

Beef Sticks 🍅 🍏

Our beef sticks are like "Slim Jims" except they're not full of preservatives and artificial ingredients....

Summer Sausage 🍅 🍏

Made from our grass-fed, grass-finished beef, slice it up and serve with cheese and crackers. Delicious! Packages...

32 oz Beef Summer Sausage 🍅 🍏

2 pounds of our premium beef summer sausage - best value!

32 oz Spicy Beef Summer Sausage 🍅 🍏

2 pounds of our premium summer sausage with a red chile flake kick!

32 oz Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage 🍅 🍏

One of our favorites! If you like jalapeno flavor - you will love this one!

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