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Farm Fresh Eggs

Enjoy farm fresh free range eggs. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIGNS TO KNOW WHAT IS AVAILABLE AT YOUR MARKET: 🍅 Canon City * 🍏 Beulah Valley *🍊 Black Forest Emerge * 🍇 Black Forest Meadery * 🍉 Westcliffe Wellness Center

Free Range Eggs 🍅 🍏 🍉

Eggs from organic fed chickens raised in the Wet Mountain Valley.

Pasture Raised Poultry Eggs 🍊

Our poultry is all free range 24/7 allowing them access to all the grass seeds, wildflowers, bugs, worms and anything...

Turkey Eggs (The Hens of Burley Bees)

Fresh from free ranging turkeys who forge in our orchard. Turkey eggs are 3 times larger than a chicken egg. They are...

Chicken eggs (The Hens of Burley Bees)

Free ranging chickens who forage on our orchard.

Farm Fresh Eggs

The Hens of Burley Bees have working over time to get your Easter Eggs in time. Our chickens free range on our...

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